3 of the Best Volleyball Drills for Getting Back to the Basics -

3 of the Best Volleyball Drills for Getting Back to the Basics

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3 of the Best Volleyball Drills for Getting Back to the Basics

Volleyball Drills and Skills

Whether you’re training beginners or a varsity team, sometimes you need to spend some time getting back to the basics to get into the swing of things after the off-season or recenter your team after a tough match. Try these volleyball drills to refresh your players’ communication, receiving, and serving skills.

Skill: communication

Use two variations of this volleyball drill to train your players to communicate on the court. Poor communication can cost your players the game no matter how well developed their technical skills are. Make sure they know how to clearly call the ball and understand one another with the following drill:

Variation A: Play a regular 6-on-6 game, but have the hitters call out the name of the opposing player to whom they are hitting the ball.

Variation B: Call out one player from each team and only allow those two players to talk. After a few drills, call out two other players until you’ve called on each player.

Communication drills develop your players’ communication skills by requiring them to speak up, trust one another, and anticipate the next move regardless of if the ball is coming to them.

Skill: ball control

Competition, nerves, and general lack of focus can leading to frantic passes, failed setting, and hitters left trying to make up for poor positioning. Use this drill to focus on setting from various positions, even given a bad pass.

The goal: sets should be better than the passes the setter received.

  • Toss the ball to various parts of the court. Increase the difficulty of your “passes” as the drill progresses.
  • Make the setter move to set the ball.
  • They can set the ball to either hitter as long as they set the ball better each time.
  • As your team develops stronger setting skills, add a variation of this drill that includes blockers and requires your team to practice setting and hitting balls from a bad pass following a difficult block.

Skill(s): serving and receiving

Train two birds with one stone with this simple but effective drill.

  • Divide your team into two teams of six.
  • Have three back-row passers, one target and two servers on each side of the net.
  • Each team serves.
  • Passer receives and sends to the target (target must not move from center of the net).
  • When the target catches the ball, the passer takes the target’s place and the target serves.
  • If the passer fails to pass ball to the target, the target rotates with the server, and the server replaces the passer.

Getting back to the basics can build your team’s confidence, refresh their skills after some time off, and help them physically and mentally recover from a tough game. Make sure your players hit the court on game day looking and feeling as good as they play with custom volleyball jerseys. You can design your own volleyball jerseys, including the libido jersey.

What are some of your team’s favorite volleyball drills? Share them with us below!


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