Top 3 Signs of an Inspiring Youth Sports Coach

Top 3 Signs of an Inspiring Youth Sports Coach

Inspiring Coach

Top 3 Signs of an Inspiring Youth Sports Coach

Any athlete has a specific coach or leader who made an impression on them. And any sports team coach plays an important role in the lives of their players. It’s a major responsibility, especially when you’re working with younger players on youth teams. As a coach, you influence those players and give them their first experience in the sports world. And you may rightfully wonder if your approach to coaching is beneficial to your players or destructive. Or, as a parent, you’re likely curious about how your child’s youth team coach compares to others.


Today we’re sharing the top 3 signs of an inspiring youth sports coach who will leave a positive and lasting impression on her/his team!

1. They consider safety a top priority.

Sometimes coaches can become too engrossed in the game and winning, so much so that they sacrifice the safety of their players. That is NOT a sign of an inspiring coach. They will make their players feel only as good as their last performance on the field. An inspiring coach will ensure each player’s safety, even if that means taking out the “best” player on the team so they don’t get overworked.

Inspiring Coach

2. They truly motivate players.

A coach’s main job is to motivate their players, but an inspiring coach knows how to genuinely encourage their players and light the spark they already have. Players typically don’t join a sports team with zero motivation. An inspiring coach will take the spark the players begin with and take it to the next level. They will take the time to define how each player learns differently and is motivated in a different way.

3. They must be able to sell to their team.

An inspiring coach could sell ice to eskimos. Coaches have to motivate their team, as we mentioned, which also means they have to sell to their team. They have to sell practicing, sweating, running, stretching, and working hard because it all leads to victory. You can’t just tell players to run drills and expect them to be dedicated to the practice. Instead, an inspiring coach will tell them how every drill and every stretch directly contributes to their success.

Are you inspiring your team by making their safety a priority, motivating them, and selling hard work to them? If not, you know what to work on to become the best leader for your team.

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