When quality and dedication come together, they form a great team, both on and off the court. At Imperial Point, we’re determined to be the leading source for sublimated sports uniforms in the nation and that starts with providing high quality, performance-driven products.

What makes Imperial Point stand out from the crowd? We believe it’s our commitment to providing quality sublimated uniforms made in the USA. We do that by sourcing all our fabrics from American Mills, and our custom uniforms are sublimated and assembled by American workers at our factories here on American soil. We do all of this because we believe in the quality of American-made products!


    Quack Attack Sublimated Football Jersey

    $1.00 $0.00
    Our Men’s sublimated Football Uniforms are fully customizable. Fabric options include: Heavyweight Dazzle, and Spandex for the shoulders; and Poly…
    Mens Custom Basketball Jersey - FastbreakMens Custom Basketball Jersey - Fastbreak

    Fastbreak Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniform

    $1.00 $0.00
    Our Fastbreak Men's Sublimated Basketball Uniform are breathable, lightweight and custom Basketball Uniforms your players will dominate in!

    Diamond Women’s Sublimated Volleyball Jersey

    $1.00 $0.00
    Our Women’s sublimated Volleyball Jerseys are fully customizable. They are made with Dry Excel Poly Spandex, a moisture wicking fabric…

By focusing production in the USA, or the Home Court as we like to say, we’re able to provide an elite product for your team made to your exact specifications.

We take pride in our company’s reliability and make sure we deliver our high-quality products on time. With our custom sublimated uniforms, your team can stand out from the competition, and most importantly…

Rule the Court!  

Our Products

No matter what sport you play, your team wants uniforms that are lightweight, comfortable, and that gives them the confidence they need to give it their all on the court or field. We provide high quality, performance-driven designs for jerseys and uniforms in a wide range of sports for both men and women.

Predator Custom Baseball Jersey

Quality Fabrics


We use lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics in our sublimation printing process to produce uniforms that will last your team all season. Your uniforms won’t fade, bleed, or peel, no matter how hard your players push their limits.

Each sublimated uniform can be fully customized with your team’s colors, logo, numbers, and names. Browse our pre-made styles to customize, or get in touch with us to discuss your design ideas.

Give your team the best with custom sublimated uniforms made in the USA. Contact Imperial Point today to request a quote.