Baseball Team Travel Tips: Make Road Trips the Best Part of the Season

Baseball Team Travel Tips: Make Road Trips the Best Part of the Season


Baseball Team Travel Tips: Make Road Trips the Best Part of the Season

Make Road Trips the Best Part of the Season by Following a Few Simple Guidelines

Just thinking about taking your entire team out to another town or even to another state can cause some anxiety. That’s a lot of young people to be responsible for! And if something goes wrong, you have 20-30 people asking you what’s happening and waiting around, fidgeting and complaining, yikes! But rest assured, there’s a way to travel with your team pleasantly as long as you stay organized and follow our Baseball Team Travel Tips below.


Map It All Out

Know exactly where you’re going and how to get there. Use Google Maps or other online resources to map out the best route to your destination—to both the playing fields and your hotel. These tools can also provide estimated travel times and alert you to traffic problems or construction zones along the way. Few things are more stressful than having to hurry. And arriving late might mean a forfeit. Give yourself plenty of time and plan ahead to take the stress away.

Concerning directions: Write everything down, just in case. WiFi reception can be spotty, and GPS units can fail in the hot sun. Better to be safe than sorry. It’s also smart to scout out the area before you arrive to locate local grocery stores, gas stations, sports stores, and restaurants.

Pack a Travel Kit

Put together a team travel kit to provide peace of mind. Pack healthful snacks—dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, yogurt, veggies—and plenty of water. Don’t forget might-need items such as scissors, batteries, duct tape, pen and paper, first-aid items, and so on. Consider collecting a couple bucks from each participant to create an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

Find a Great Place to Stay

Finding the right hotel is a top priority. Look for one that offers a free breakfast—players need to eat before morning games and the ability to grab and go can be crucial. Ask about the maximum number of guests allowed per room (usually four, but some places allow more) and investigate limiting in-room phone charges and pay-per-view TV access to head off surprise charges at check out. Make sure to confirm your reservations with the hotel before you hit the road, especially if you booked through a non-hotel site.

Eating well requires careful planning too. Finding restaurants that can accommodate large groups without a long wait often means getting on the phone and talking to a manager. Check out menus before you go to look for healthy options. Heavy, greasy food isn’t good for on-field performance.


Keep Everyone in the Loop

Communication is key. Make sure all baseball team players, parents, and coaches know where they are supposed to be and when they’re supposed to be there. Everyone should have all the contact info they need to alert others to schedule changes—hand out phone number lists and program cellphones as needed. And everyone should know what’s expected of them away from the field. Establish meal plans, curfews, and acceptable downtime activities before the trip and make sure everyone gets this info.

Be Flexible

Some things you just can’t plan for, and everyone’s trip will be better if those in charge stay calm, cool, and collected. Dealing with last-minute changes and inconveniences without getting thrown off your game sets a great example for kids. Remember to be a role model both on and off the field!

Don’t forget to ensure your players bring their custom sublimated Baseball Jerseys so they can also look great when they’re out on the fields all across the state or even the country!

Last but not least: Have fun!

What are your tips for traveling Baseball Teams? Or simply share your best story from a road trip with your Baseball team in the comments below!

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