It's Time to Update Your Team's Look

Learn how to design your own team uniforms with our Draftboard designer tool. 

A plain or outdated uniform design can leave your players and the fans feeling uninspired. Learn how to start the next season right with a brand new uniform design.

In this free download we're covering the basics of uniform design. Whether you're starting from scratch or reworking your team's existing uniforms, there's something for everyone inside.

  • 4 reasons why your uniforms need a redesign
  • Tips for designing a custom team uniform that really stands out
  • Step-by-step instructions for using our new Draftboard custom uniform builder

Sneak Peek:
Here's a List of What You Can Customize on the Draftboard Tool
  • Text and Number: Add elements such as team name, player name, and number, and decide the colors, font, and placement for each.

  • Colors: Choose individual colors for the body, side panels, and trim. You can even set a fade color for the body for a cool ombre effect.

  • Patterns and Art: Choose the color and style for your uniform's side panels and background. You'll find several pre-made designs to choose from.

  • Number and Logo: Choose the placement for your logo, if you choose to upload one. We recommend uploading a PNG file of your logo with a transparent background for the best results.

  • Style: Start from scratch and create your masterpiece, or customize an existing style. If you'd rather start with one of our pre-existing designs, click on "Styles" to select one.