The Best Basketball Drills for Your Club Basketball Team

The Best Basketball Drills for Your Club Basketball Team

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The Best Basketball Drills for Your Club Basketball Team

The season is getting ready to start, your club basketball team has put together enough money to get your very own custom basketball uniforms and you look so good Phil Jackson would mistake you for a pro team. You’ve all shot around, gotten to know each other, had a few good scrims and it’s almost time for your first real game. You’ve all got the talent, the drive to carry you to a winning record – you’re sure of it.

While that may all be the case, how would you like an edge? Raw talent is well and good, but getting your basketball team to gel takes time. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best basketball drills around to help you and your team gain that dangerous edge.

Passing Drills

Your team can consist of Kobe-like shooters, but if your teammates aren’t good passers, then they’ll never get a chance to shoot. Bad passing can shut an offense down. Let’s start with a few drills to help practice sound passing.

‘Star’ Drills

This requires five players. A single player stands out of bounds on the half-court mark while the remaining four players stand flanking the outside of each 3 point line creating a pentagon shape.  

The out of bounds player passes to either of the far players, who then passes to the player furthest from them on the opposite end of the court.  That player then passes to the player directly in front of him, who then passes to the opposite corner of the court, creating a ‘star’ shape if you were to trace the lines.

This helps your players know just how hard they have to pass to get the ball across the court and helps them in two-minute drills.

The ‘Laker’

This drill was popularized in the 80’s by the Lakers and has been many a coaches mainstay.  Three players line up, one on either side of the same three point line, while one stands under the basket with the ball.

They begin sprinting at the same time toward the opposite basket. The player with the ball passes to the player on his right. By the time they get to half court, he passes to the player on his far left. Finally, the pass is returned to the second player who goes in for a layup.

Monkey in the Middle

The ancient game constructed by children of old to torment their smaller friends can be used to help both defense and passing.

Two players try to keep the ball from the ‘defender’, who is trying to snatch the ball away.  If the player in the middle grabs the ball, the individual that made the failed pass becomes the ‘monkey’, moving to the middle. This can be difficult on the player in the middle, but it’s great for conditioning and court awareness.

Shooting Drills

You can’t win without making baskets. In the wise words of the immortal football announcer John Madden, “If this team doesn’t put points on the board I don’t see how they can win.” Here are a few drills that can help you and your basketball team improve your shooting.


This drill will consist of nine total shots. The shooting player will rotate around the three point line selecting from three options. They can take a three point shot, worth three points, a shot-fake with a jump shot worth two points, or a layup worth one point.

A second player stands in the middle and rebounds for the first player  After all nine shots are taken, they rotate and the rebounder takes their nine shots. The one with the lowest score has to do laps.

Basketball Drills

Timed Spot Shooting

One player is a shooter, while the other rebounds. The first player has two minutes to make two consecutive shots from the same spot and then move on to the next spot. The player under the basket is working on rebounding and getting the ball back to the shooter as fast as possible.  

This can be used to help a player with muscle memory and learning to shoot from a trouble spot. The timer puts pressure on the shooter and simulates the stress of a game. Be gracious with your players on this one, getting to the third spot is quite the accomplishment.

Free Throw Twist

This basketball drill requires the player to take five shots from the free throw line, paying close attention to their form and finding a rhythm. After the first five, blindfold the player, allowing five more shots. Alternate and try to go for a high score. Free throw shooting can win games, practicing them is vital for each and every player.

Practice makes perfect, don’t forget!

You’ll look great out on the field in your Custom Sublimated Basketball Jerseys, but these drills will help your players take it to the next level and play great too!

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