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The History of Football Uniforms

The History of Football Uniforms

When creating custom football jerseys for your team, you might look to the classics for influence, try to replicate the most modern looks in the game, or even a mixture of both.

Can the Color of Your Custom Jersey Help You Win?

Your team’s jersey colors can boost team spirit, create a team legacy, and foster a sense of identity, but the outcome of any game doesn’t come down to a simple choice of red or blue.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Every person in America, at some point in their life, has probably owned an athletic jersey.

Why Are Custom Team Jerseys So Important?

When you hear purple and gold, what do you think of? The Los Angeles Lakers. How about pinstripes?

Uniform Spotlight: New York Jets Re-brand

Calling all Jets fans! Did you hear the news? The New York Jets have unveiled new uniforms for the first time in 20 years!

Team Building for Teens: 3 Rainy Day Activities

Whether you’re planning a sports camp, a field day or your routine outdoor practice gets derailed by rainy weather, it’s vital to have a backup plan for your teenaged athletes.

3 Team Building Icebreakers for Your Young Athletes

Whether it’s the start of a new season and you have new players on your team or you’re just trying to boost team morale, team-building icebreakers and activities are crucial for the performance of your team on and off the court or field.

3 Basketball Team Building Activities for Your Teens

Sure, technical skill and physical prowess are vital for training skilled athletes, but so are “soft skills,” like communication, trust, and the ability to multitask and process incoming information on the fly.

Team Building Activities for Your Football Team

Prioritizing team building on and off the field is vital for your team’s morale and performance.

8 Indoor Team Building Activities Your Youths Will Love

What are some indoor team-building opportunities every team will love?

It’s always a good idea to have a few indoor team building games and team building exercises in your back pocket so your team can still get the most out of practice without being held back by inclement weather or extreme temperatures.