Community Spotlight: An Interview with Brandon Okpalobi, Founder of Dibia Dream - The Imperial Point

Community Spotlight: An Interview with Brandon Okpalobi, Founder of Dibia Dream

Community Spotlight: An Interview with Brandon Okpalobi, Founder of Dibia Dream

Brandon Okpalobi knows that basketball is more than a game.

Imperial Point is proud to work with leaders and coaches making a positive impact on the lives of athletes every day. We had the opportunity to chat with Brandon, both a valued customer and an influential leader in our community, to learn more about his mission in sports.


Brandon Okpalobi is the CEO of Dibia Athletic Development and the founder of Dibia Dream, a growing nonprofit. He attended the University of Miami for college basketball, and his interest in athletics has been a lifelong pursuit. He’s applied his passion and experience to create programs for young athletes and at-risk youth through his organizations.

Brandon’s well-rounded approach helps students grow in sports, succeed in school, and build strong fundamental values. Brandon has made huge contributions through his work, and he’s made a tremendous impact on the lives of kids in our community.

Dibia Dream has recently partnered with the Miami Marlins to serve Florida, and his STEM programs continue to gain recognition in our local community and beyond. He’s a proven leader with enduring passion, and through his vision, the success of Dibia continues to multiply.

Imperial Point is honored to work with Brandon and learn more about his mission!


What has your athletic career consisted of and what are some of your accomplishments as an athlete?

I started basketball in kindergarten or first grade, and I played all sports until 8th grade – including soccer, karate, and basketball. After receiving a basketball scholarship at graduation, I started playing basketball at the University of Miami. I had my appendix removed on the day of tryouts and I spent freshman year sharing a jersey, but I went on to become team captain in my junior year. I received a scholarship in my senior year.

What was your favorite achievement in sports?

Winning the state championship in high school was a big moment for me. As a college freshman, I had the opportunity to play at Madison Square Garden and Dick Vitale wrote his name on my jersey. That was pretty cool.

What kind of impact has the Dibia program had on your community?

Starting scholarships for kids to go to college is a huge one! We’ve also completed toy drives and we host camps. One of the biggest ways we have an impact is through bringing people together from all walks of life to speak the language of sports. That’s a big one.

What is your greatest achievement with Dibia?

Our greatest achievement is providing kids with free education through sports and helping students enter college on basketball scholarships. We recently had about ten kids receive athletic scholarships!

What were some of the biggest challenges you have had with the Dibia program. What hurdles have you had to overcome?

No one knew who we were when we got started, it was a challenge to find facilities and partners to work with, and we wanted to make sure every event went really well despite any unexpected challenges. Kids come from different backgrounds, they may have things going on at home, and they look to sports as an escape. Most male coaches are looked to as father figures, so it’s important to understand that it’s more than basketball we’re providing for a child. Ensuring we provide a quality program and a safe haven for kids is our priority.

How do you encourage your athletes take their skills to the next level?

I push them extremely hard. They are all ambitious in their hopes. They want to go on to play college basketball. I tell them it’s possible, but it’s a process. There are many kids pursuing the same goal and you have to stand out. We really push our athletes by teaching discipline, and there is a need for it. We make sure kids have discipline first so they can accomplish anything they want to go after.

What new programs or goals do you have coming up?

In the fall we’ll have Dibia Champions League. In the past, it was offered as an unofficial family day. This year, we’ll be creating an actual league for kids between the ages of 6 and 13. We’ll train the kids on Friday and they play games on Saturday. Dibia Academy is an after school sports enrichment program available throughout the school year at various locations. This year, we’ll be expanding to Dallas.

How can our readers support your mission or get involved?

If they’re in Miami, New Orleans, or Bermuda, they can be trained in basketball and attend a camp or a clinic. If want to help kids in the community with STEM and after school programs, they can make a donation to our non-profit, Dibia Dream.

How did Imperial Point help your organization in the past? What were the benefits of working with Imperial Point?

Imperial Point made sublimated basketball jerseys for the first Champions League day. All of the kids we trained were provided one. We also created sublimated shorts for our kids in the past. Imperial Point is great. The material is great, the quality of the product is great. I definitely recommend it.

Brandon is an athlete who knows what it takes to win, but he’s built an organization that offers so much more. He’s seized an opportunity to teach life’s most fundamental values, create a safe space for kids, and bring people together through the language of sports. He’s a role model whose making an invaluable impact in our local community and beyond. Imperial Point is proud to work with influencers like Brandon, and we strive to mirror some of the same values in our own organization.

Our work is about more than making uniforms. We take extra time to perfect our craft for the reward of inspiring young athletes like the ones that Brandon gets to influence every single day. Imperial Point strives to make a positive impact on our friends, our teammates, and our customers.

Are you ready to get involved? Request a custom quote today!


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