Community Spotlight: The Gardens Gators & Brandon Aronson are ready to defend their title. - The Imperial Point

Community Spotlight: The Gardens Gators & Brandon Aronson are ready to defend their title.

Community Spotlight: The Gardens Gators & Brandon Aronson are ready to defend their title.

The 2017 Pee Wee Super Bowl Championship belongs to the Gardens Gators.

The Gardens Gators beat the defending champions, the Point Loma Pointers, of Point Loma, Calif., to win the national championship game at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. Point Loma had been on a 29-game winning streak when the Gators came back from a 14-0 deficit to win the Pop Warner Super Bowl and become national champions.

The Gardens Gators were the first in their city’s history to win the super bowl. Gators’ coach Brandon Aronson is more than a coach. He’s the father of a rising athlete himself. His experience as a leader and a family man gives him a well-rounded perspective of what it takes to prepare, to succeed, and to tackle any challenge that comes his way!

As a director of the Pop Warner football organization, he wears many hats, but he never drops the ball – juggling everything from ordering sublimated football jerseys to coaching the Gardens Gators. We’re honored to work with Brandon, and we recently had the opportunity to sit down for and interview and learn more about his success.


Brandon Aronson is a director of the Pop Warner football organization located in Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to organizing and overseeing operations, Brandon coaches the Pop Warner Super bowl champions and his son plays as their quarterback. They are the reigning team to beat in the USA! Brandon encourages his team to do their best and he provides athletes the tools they need to succeed.



What did your team accomplish between last season and this season?

Last fall we won a Pop Warner championship! Our team is comprised of 11 and 12 year olds who advanced through multiple stages of competition, from regionals to nationals. The competition took them all of the way to Disney. It was a great accomplishment for my team.

What was your favorite moment(/play?) from this season?

Numerous plays come to mind, but I recall two big moments: Our regional playoff game was tied with just a few minutes left on the clock. My team threw a 60 yard touchdown pass to win with just a couple seconds left in the game. The same thing happened in the final minutes of the national championship. During conference quarterfinals, our defensive end (Joey Tuschman) stole the ball from the running back and ran it 20 yards down the field to score a touchdown.

What were some of the biggest challenges your team went through?

One of our player’s mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was difficult on the individual player and the coaches. Fostering a family environment is important to the team. That was tough. Of course, staying focused can be a natural challenge with any 11 or 12 year old. Keeping our players focused is certainly our biggest challenge!

What preparations and planning do you have for the upcoming season?

I’m the president of the league, so I wear two different hats. I’m currently working to prepare the whole league for next season by enrolling new players. My own team is gearing up for speed and agility training. Some kids are going to summer camps. Preparation is in order all around.

How did Imperial Point help your organization? What were the benefits of working with Imperial Point?

We’ve [purchased] sublimated football uniforms [from] Imperial Point over the past two seasons. Robert has been great with helping to design and tweak the product to our needs. Imperial Point is unrivaled in terms of speed and quality of production. I don’t think there’s another manufacturer out there who manufactures with the same quality.

Imperial Point is proud to work with an organization as great as the Gardens Gators. Brandon Aronson and his team run the Pop Warner football program the right way. They operate based on core values and commitments to their players. We are always excited to outfit Pop Warner teams with our custom football uniforms. They play in Imperial Point sublimated football jerseys with our best fabric, because the best team deserves the best product we offer. The quality they have come to expect is a great reflection of their program and the relationship we continue to foster together.

We want to learn more about your mission. Are you ready to give your team the best? Imperial Point would be proud to provide your committed athletes with top-notch sublimated uniforms.

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