Mens Custom Basketball Jersey - BreakawayMens Custom Basketball Jersey - Breakaway

    Breakaway Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniform

    $1.00 $0.00
    Easily breakaway in the Imperial Point Breakaway Men's Custom Basketball Jersey!
    Mens Custom Basketball Jersey - BlurMens Custom Basketball Jersey - Blur

    Blur Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniform

    $1.00 $0.00
    Look like a blur when you swoop past the defense and score wearing our Blur custom basketball uniform!
    Mens Custom Basketball Jersey - FastbreakMens Custom Basketball Jersey - Fastbreak

    Fastbreak Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniform

    $1.00 $0.00
    Our Fastbreak Men's Sublimated Basketball Uniform are breathable, lightweight and custom Basketball Uniforms your players will dominate in!
    Mens Custom Basketball Jersey - SavageMens Custom Basketball Jersey - Savage

    Savage Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniform

    $1.00 $0.00
    Be your own force of nature with the Imperial Point Savage Men's Custom Basketball Jersey!
    Mens Custom Basketball Jersey - ShieldMens Custom Basketball Jersey - Shield

    Shield Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniform

    $1.00 $0.00
    Help shield yourself on the court with the Imperial Point Shield Men's Custom Basketball Jersey!
    Mens Custom Basketball Jersey - VortexMens Custom Basketball Jersey - Vortex

    Vortex Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniform

    $1.00 $0.00
    Start a vortex in this stylish Vortex Men's Custom Basketball Jersey from Imperial Point!
Custom Sublimated Uniform Customize and Quote Sublimated Football Jerseys

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* Keep in mind, you can use our designs or completely customize them to your team. We try to make this process easy but we also need your goals for your team uniforms to be clearly defined. If you provide us with your uniform requirements, we will provide you will all the information and designs you need to make the right decision for your team.

Through hard work and a number of fundraisers, you and your team have managed to save a bit of money and are preparing to head into the basketball season. You’ve put together an awesome logo for your custom basketball uniforms, and suddenly realize you need not one, but two sets of jerseys – one for home games and another one for away games.

You have two options: purchase two sets of jerseys, or purchase Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms!


Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms are a great way to save money.

Here at Imperial Point, we craft your Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms in-house to cut down on cost, saving you hard earned funds. Convenience and cost are important and we always keep that in mind. That’s why we believe in Reversible Basketball Uniforms. They cut down on cost and make switching from away to home as simple as flipping the jersey inside out.

Matrix Men's Sublimated Basketball Uniform Reversible Basketball Uniforms

Sublimated jerseys are the future of custom jerseys.

All of our Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms are sublimated. Rest assured that we don’t slap a logo and numbers on the fabric and iron them on. Instead, we print the designs directly into the fabric, ensuring they last the entire season and won’t crack and fade. Sublimation is affordable, durable, and a process by which we stand. It’s also the highest quality form of customization available for Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms.

Ensuring your Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms last and are comfortable.

We believe in using the highest quality components in our Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms. We use a moisture wicking material that keeps your players cool and dry during games. In addition, it’s durable enough to last the whole season… and then some! We believe in crafting our products here in the United States, that way we can ensure that they are made with the highest quality materials and you and your team never overpay.

This is our Home Court Advantage!

Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms built to make your team look like the pros.

Moisture wicking jerseys and sublimation are great and all, but if you want to play like the pros, it’s time to look like the pros. We can help you design your very own custom logo for your Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms or use one you’ve already designed. We’ll help you decide where to display your team’s logo so that no one forgets who they just lost to!


All of our basketball uniforms can be made to be reversible, so browse through all of our designs here and let us help you design the perfect Custom Reversible Basketball Uniforms for you and your team!