custom sports uniforms

Custom Sports Uniforms

When quality and dedication come together, they form a great team, both on and off the court. At Imperial Point we’re determined to be the leading source for custom sports uniforms in the nation, and that starts with providing high quality, performance-driven products designed with the sport and the player in mind.

Why are custom sports uniforms important? The benefits are hard to miss. The confidence and sense of community that great uniforms provide are always worth the investment, but your team will also love the comfort and performance of a uniform that’s made with the sport in mind.


Benefits of Buying Custom Sports Uniforms for Your Team

Team building is an important part of any sport. Having your very own custom uniforms is a great way to make your team feel unified!

On or off the court, your team members will feel proud to sport a great-looking uniform sporting their name and number.

We apply your uniform customizations through the process of sublimation, which uses heat and pressure to create high definition designs adhered directly to the fabric, resulting in the best quality custom uniforms available. The durable fabrics combined with the high quality design saves you from spending money replacing uniforms after a game. We design our sports uniforms with the game in mind and make sure they’re resistant to tearing and ripping. Even at the end of the season, these uniforms will look as good as they did before your first game!

With so many options out there, how can you be sure where to order your custom sports uniforms? You might be tempted to opt for buying cheap sports uniforms online, but you’ll actually save money, time, and hassle if you choose quality instead. When you’re shopping for custom sports uniforms, look for uniforms that are durable, comfortable, and will last all season. Look for a company that offers sublimated uniforms with the ability to customize a design that fits your team. And most of all, look for a company you know you can trust!

Buying quality custom sports uniforms means...

Saving money by eliminating the need for replacement uniforms.

Comfortable attire resistant to the regular wear and tear on the court or field.

Showing off your team’s logo and colors with great looking uniforms your players won’t want to take off.

Giving your team the confidence they need to succeed with uniforms they can be proud to sport on the court or field!

Spear Sublimated Football Jersey


Design Your Own

Don’t settle for a sports uniform which won’t fit your team’s needs or vision. At Imperial Point, we offer a number of customization options for all our uniforms, each designed to meet the needs of the individual sport. Whether you need a uniform that can survive the rough and tumble of a football game, or a wrestling singlet that bends and twists with every movement, your team’s uniforms are made to help them perform at their best.

Uniform Customization Options

Can your uniform fabric affect your performance? Absolutely! No matter what sport you play, it’s important to find custom uniforms made with a durable, lightweight material resistant to tearing and ripping. Add in moisture-wicking properties and a comfortable stretch that allows you to move naturally and you’ve got a custom sports uniform designed for maximum performance on and off the court.

We offer a variety of fabrics ranging from lightweight to heavyweight durability capable of handling whatever your team can throw at it, on the court or on the field:

Custom Sports Uniforms

Heavyweight Spandex

Poly Spandex

Custom Sports Uniforms

Heavyweight Dazzle

Pro Mesh

Stretch Mesh

Logo & Team Colors

Represent your team on and off the field with your very own logo and team colors. Submit your artwork to us and we’ll apply it to one of our pre-existing uniform designs.

Need a logo? No problem. Our graphic designers will work with you to design a logo that your team can be proud of.

Number & Name

Let every player stand out during a game and get the recognition they deserve. Player numbers and team names come standard with any uniform type. You also have the option to add your player’s last names to their jerseys. Last names can increase your players’ confidence (especially in youth sports) and will give them more visibility to parents, fans, and talent scouts while they’re on the field.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of using a dye-sublimation printer, which uses heat to transfer dye directly onto the fabric. This results in a richer, higher quality image that won’t fade or bleed over time.


You may have heard of screen printing for t-shirts, uniforms, and other apparel items, but there are a few key differences between screen printing and sublimation. Screen printing uses a press which applies the ink over the fabric without the use of heat. This process can lead to color bleed during production, and later on, players often experience peeling or fading if the garment is worn and washed often. Outdoor sports teams such as football or baseball often find their screen printed uniforms fade or lose their designs after sliding in the grass or dirt only a few times. Because sublimation uses a heat process to adhere the ink to the fibers of the fabric, it doesn’t have the same problems.

No matter how hard your team plays, their uniforms will look as great at the end of the season as they did during your first game! No need to purchase replacement uniforms mid-season.  

We source the highest quality materials from American manufacturers to create lightweight, breathable jerseys and uniforms. Your team will feel comfortable, confident, and ready to rule the court!


When quality and dedication come together, they form a great team, both on and off the court. At Imperial Point we’re determined to be the leading source for sublimated sports uniforms in the nation, and that starts with providing high quality, performance-driven products.

All of our jerseys and uniforms are made in the USA from start to finish. We source our fabrics from American Mills, and complete everything from design to production in our American factories. This allows us to provide you with an elite product and give your team what we call the Home Court Advantage.

Custom Uniforms Made in the USA

Can I Afford Custom Sports Uniforms for My Team?

You might be hesitating to purchase high quality custom sports uniforms for your team. It’s understandable. But if you’re thinking about opting for cheap uniforms instead, think again. Late or lost orders, poor quality, and even worse customer service are just a few of the many complaints which can come with ordering your uniforms from a company overseas.

Choosing quality from the start is a great way to save your team money in the long run. You won’t have to spend more to replace or repair your uniforms halfway through the season, making sublimated uniforms your one-stop solution for the year.

If you’re looking ways to raise money to afford your team’s uniforms, try a team fundraising campaign and get your team’s fans involved. Here are some team fundraising ideas to get you started:

Host a raffle using donated prizes from local businesses

Organize a “players vs. parents” scrimmage

Get your youth sports team players to put on their own talent show

Choose a uniform that’s made with the player and the sport in mind, starting with the right fabrics and ending with a full range of customization options so you and your team can rule the court. Select your sport and pick a premade design you can make your own, or submit your design ideas to receive a custom mock-up!


Custom Basketball Uniforms

Things heat up quickly on the court, so it’s important to find a comfortable basketball uniform which will stay cool and dry no matter what. You can make your custom basketball uniforms for both men and women unique for each player with your logo, colors, and design.


You can’t beat the confidence your team gets from a high quality basketball uniform made just for them, which is why choosing the right uniform is so important. The better your team feels, the better they’ll play, which is why it’s important to choose high quality uniforms that won’t make your players sweaty or itchy during a game. Instead, get them a uniform they can feel proud of!

Rule the court with the quality and durability of a sublimated basketball uniform from Imperial Point. Available in youth (S-XL) or adult (XS-3XL) sizes, our men’s uniforms are available in a standard jersey cut with an athletic fit and come with matching shorts available in 9-12” inseams. Make this jersey your own by customizing it with your team’s name, logo, and colors. Check out our Basketball Catalog for more information about the ordering process and packages.


When it comes to our women’s custom basketball uniforms we have three things in mind:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Comfort

We start with the highest quality American-made fabrics and create vibrant, high definition designs fused directly to the material using our sublimation process. Available in adult sizes XS-3XL or youth sizes S-XL. Choose from a standard jersey cut or racerback design. Our women’s basketball shorts come with a 9-12” inseam.

Attack Sublimated Football Jersey


Custom Football Uniforms

This all-American sport requires a uniform that can take all of the rough and tumble which comes with the game. Our uniforms are available for all ages so you never have to stop playing.

Custom Football Jerseys

Bring your team together with a set of high quality customized football jerseys from Imperial Point. Our adult football uniforms are available in sizes S-5XL with either an athletic or compression style fit. Our football jerseys include your team’s logo and colors as well as player number and team name. Add matching custom sublimated pants for a complete set. Last names can be added to your jerseys for an additional fee.

Custom Youth Football Jerseys

Your youth football team plays hard. They deserve quality uniforms that can keep up with them all season long. Available in sizes S-XL, our youth football uniforms are fully customizable. We offer a selection of durable materials made with performance in mind. Choose between Heavyweight Dazzle and Spandex fabric for the shoulders, and Poly Spandex, Pro Mesh, or Stretch Mesh for the body. Each sublimated youth football uniform is lightweight and designed to resist rips and tears so it survives every kickoff, pass, tackle, and touchdown all season long.

Custom Flag Football Jerseys

Get motivated and play to win with custom flag football jerseys for you and your team. Whether you’re playing in an amateur league and want your team to stand out or you’re in an intramural sports team at your university and need a jersey built to work as hard as you play, you need to order custom flag football jerseys.

Available in youth or adult sizes, our custom flag football uniforms include your team name, numbers, and team logo, and can also include player last names. The highrise cut offers a comfortable fit that allows you to move freely on the field. Choose from sleeveless, short sleeve, or cap sleeve options, and an athletic or compression fit.


Custom Volleyball Uniforms

You have enough to think about on the volleyball court, so go for a uniform that fits and performs exactly how you need it to.

2017 Volleyball Sublimation Catalog

Men’s Volleyball Uniforms

The last thing you want on the volleyball court is for your jersey to hold you back. Get a full range of motion and durability with our men’s volleyball uniforms. They’ll hold up for every block, dive, and spike all season long.

Your men’s volleyball uniforms will be made with Dry Excel Poly Spandex, a lightweight, endurance fabric with sweat wicking technology to keep your players cool and dry during the heat of a game, and vivid sublimated colors they’ll be proud to show off. Custom men’s volleyball jerseys have an athletic fit and are available in short sleeve and sleeveless designs, in youth (S-XL) and adult sizes (XS-3XL). Add matching custom shorts to complete the look and maximize your players’ performance.

Women’s Volleyball Uniforms

Volleyball is a popular sport for women of all ages. Whether your team is in middle school or going pro, everyone deserves the quality and performance of custom women’s volleyball jerseys made here in Orlando, Florida. Available in long or short sleeve options, each uniform can be fully customized with your choice of logo, color, and design. Choose from one of our pre-existing designs, or submit your own ideas and work with our graphic designers to create a unique uniform design your team will love.

Our women’s volleyball uniforms are available in sizes 2XS-4XL. Check out our Volleyball Catalog for examples of our phenomenal uniform designs.

Attack Sublimated Football Jersey


Custom Wrestling Uniforms

Wrestling is all about the moves. You need a uniform that stretches, bends, and twists as much as you do during a match. We offer traditional wrestling singlets as well a newer two-piece wrestling uniform option you can customize to represent your school or organization.

Men’s Wrestling Singlets

Our lightweight wrestling singlets will keep you cool and comfortable during your match so you can focus on the game. Customize your sublimated wrestling singlet with your team’s logo and colors and represent your school or organization. Available in light-, medium-, or heavy-weight Dry Excel PolySpandex fabric that’s designed to wick away sweat and moisture. Choose from low or traditional cut singlets.

Women’s Wrestling Singlets

Women’s wrestling is one of the fastest growing sports in high schools across the nation. Keep your wrestlers comfortable during their match with a women’s cut wrestling singlet with the same customization options available in a men’s singlet, including material weight and your choice of colors and artwork.

Two-Piece Wrestling Uniforms

Is your high school wrestling team looking for an alternative to traditional wrestling singlets? The NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) has released new regulations for two-piece wrestling uniforms consisting of fight shorts and a compression shirt. Your team will love having options during a match!


Custom Softball Uniforms

Your team plays hard, so reward them with high quality softball jerseys customized to make them stand out on the field. Choose from full button down, two-button, or sleeveless softball jersey designs, and customize them completely with your team’s logo, colors, and team name. All of our jerseys are made with stretchy, breathable fabric designed to wick away moisture to keep your players cool and dry for the entire game.

Custom Baseball Uniforms

Your players will stay cool and comfortable during every inning with a quality custom baseball uniform. We start with quality moisture-wicking fabrics designed to redirect sweat away from the body, and finish with our sublimated dye process to create a vivid design that will never bleed, fade, or peel, whether it’s the start of the season or the final play of the year. Make your jerseys your own with your team’s name, logo, and colors, or work with our designers to come up with the perfect look.

Youth Team Building Activities


Team Uniform Fundraiser Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to be able to afford your team’s custom uniforms, consider hosting a fundraiser and get friends and family involved.

Can I Afford Custom Sports Uniforms for My Team?

Youth sports are a big part of growing up for many kids and teens. In addition to the exercise and physical skills they acquire, they also learn lifelong lessons such as sportsmanship, team building, and self confidence. Just look at how children benefit from youth football and youth basketball specifically! Build on that confidence even more with customized uniforms that will make your team feel united.

Many coaches and organizers hesitate to make the purchase. Cheap uniforms ordered from overseas may be an attractive first choice, but poor customer service, long shipping times, and cheap quality can make them more expensive in the long run.

Are high quality custom uniforms really worth the cost? Absolutely. You’ll be able to see the difference and your team will definitely feel it once they get in the game. The confidence that comes with sporting a great looking team uniform can’t be matched.

Youth Football unifoms Benefits Sublimated Football Jerseys

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a great way to build support for your team and get the uniforms you need. Give your friends, family, and your local community an opportunity to show their support and help your team succeed, and you’ll be surprised how quickly that gap in your funding is closed.

Chances are someone on your team has an excellent fundraising idea. Schedule a brainstorming session where players, family, and friends can come up with fundraising ideas and decide what to do. Reach out to local businesses and organizations who want to make a difference in their community and ask them for donations in return for advertising their business during games.

Other Fundraiser Ideas

Host a raffle and ask local businesses for donations

Organize a team car wash

Pass around a donation bucket during games

Plan a “parents vs. kids” scrimmage and use the proceeds to fund your new uniforms

Open a Custom Team Store

We make it easy to allow family, friends, and fans to show off their team pride and help raise funding for your custom team uniforms. We create a custom team store where fans can buy t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel branded with your team’s logo and colors. After the initial setup fee and production costs, we pass the profits to your team so you can get the uniforms you’ve always wanted!


  • Setup: You provide us with your team’s logo and colors and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Orders: Using your custom link, parents and fans will be able to order online for a timeframe you set.
  • Shipments: We’ll package your orders and ship them all at once after orders have closed.


To Recap

here are all of the benefits you and your team will enjoy when you choose high quality custom sports uniforms

Avoid the hassle of late or missing orders.

There’s no substitute for the confidence a custom sports uniform provides for your team!

Each custom uniform is made with your specific sport in mind.

Customize your team’s uniforms with a design they’ll be proud of. Add your logo, player numbers, and your players’ last names so they can stand out on the field.

Avoid paying for poor quality uniforms from a company using cheap materials and shipped from overseas.

Avoid paying to replace uniforms mid-season. No matter how hard your team plays, their custom uniforms will look great for every game.


There’s no substitute for great quality

Get custom sports uniforms your team can be proud of. Contact us today for a free quote so we can help your team rule the court!

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