Take the headache out of designing your own basketball jerseys for your team.

Between taking care of your players on and off the basketball court, prepping for game days, and running practice, do you have time to deal with overseas manufacturing delays, fixing low -quality materials mid-season, and correcting inaccurate design mockups?

Design custom basketball jerseys with ease.

For faster, better service, partner with Imperial Point to order your team’s basketball uniforms. Imperial Point guarantees to fulfill your custom basketball jersey orders with unparalleled:

  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Quality & Durability
  • Affordability
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* All designs can be completely customized for your team. If you provide us with your uniform requirements and ideas, we will provide you will all the information and designs you need to make the right decision for your team.

Get your custom uniforms in 2-4 weeks.

When you partner with Imperial Point, your team enjoys our Home Court Advantage every day.

Imperial Point’s sublimated basketball uniforms are made right here on our home court in the United States. Whether it’s our slowest production season or our busiest, your team will have their customized jerseys in less than 4 weeks.

For rush orders, we’ll deliver your custom uniforms in 2 weeks.

High quality, not-so-high price tags.

Higher quality shouldn’t come with an outrageously high price tag. Since Imperial Point produces our own brand right here in the USA, we’re able to keep costs reasonable for parents, coaches, and players, even when making custom designs. By cutting out any middlemen, Imperial Point is able to make superior custom sports uniforms accessible to your basketball players without the high price tags.

Family Matters

We call Orlando, Florida home, but we make custom uniforms for teams nationwide. We’re happy to deliver your basketball uniforms wherever you call home!

When you partner with Imperial Point to provide your players with custom sports jerseys, you’ll have a passionate team of experts working behind the scenes to make sure your players are equipped with basketball uniforms that help them look, feel, and play their best.

Comfort and peace of mind, all in one uniform.

Long hours of practice and rough games are no excuse for torn, fraying, or ill-fitting uniforms. On top of being unsightly, lower quality fabrics can hold your players back by distracting them from their game with itchy, prickly materials. Treat your team to basketball jerseys and shorts that’ll hold up and feel great all season.

Imperial Point’s sublimation process guarantees that even your most intricately designed basketball jerseys won’t peel, crack, or fray, no matter what your team throws at them. Unlike basic screen-printing, Imperial Point’s sublimation process creates vibrant, eye-catching customized basketball uniforms without sacrificing comfort and durability.

No matter how much your players wad, grab, yank, and mistreat their jerseys, Imperial Point’s sublimation process ensures that their basketball uniforms will hold up for the long run.

Pass, dribble, and shoot in style with Imperial Point’s sublimated basketball jerseys for men and women.

Design basketball jerseys your team will love with our online custom uniform designer.