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Does Your Libero Jersey Play by the Rules?

Does Your Libero Jersey Play by the Rules?

Why are there unique rules for libero jerseys?

Liberos have more freedom to roam the back line, cover the court, and play by a modified set of rules, meaning they need to be easy to keep an eye on. Liberos wear contrasting jerseys from the rest of their team so game officials can more easily watch their movements and plays. Libero jerseys have to be compliant with the following rules to be considered legal on the court:

Is your libero jersey USAV-approved? Click here to find out.

USA Volleyball (USAV)

  • Liberos must wear jerseys that clearly contrasts with the rest of the team’s jerseys
  • A jacket or bib can only be worn by the redesignated Libero. If a jacket or bib is worn by the redesignated Libero, the uniform number must still be visible.
  • Numbers shall be a contrasting color to the uniform top and meet all other specifications in USAV Color combinations such as purple/black, navy/maroon, and white/light yellow are not legal.

View the complete USAV uniform policy for 2017-2019 here.

High School Volleyball (NFHS)

  • The libero must wear a solid-colored top that contrasts with the predominant color(s) of the teammates’ uniform top.  Colors are considered predominate if they appear on approximately half of the uniform, including the sleeves.
  • Sleeves must be the same color as the body of the uniform top.
  • Piping/trim not exceeding 1” in total at its widest point may be placed along the seams and may include different colors than the uniform top.
  • Colors of lettering and collars can differ from the uniform top.
  • A single school name, mascot and/or player’s name may be placed on the body of the uniform top, but designs are not allowed.  A single mascot reference and/or school name may be placed on the sleeve(s), not to exceed either 4” x 4” or 3” x 5”.

View a complete outline of the National Federation of High School (NFHS) volleyball jersey rules for the 2018-2019 season here.

Not sure if your libero jersey meets the requirements? Submit an image of your libero uniform and the USA Volleyball Association (USAV) will let you know whether or not it’s USAV approved via email.

Submit Your Uniforms for Approval

Once your libero jersey design is approved by the USAV, check out Imperial Point’s online uniform designer so your libero can enjoy superior uniform quality, comfort, and style while defending the court.

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