Creative Ways to Fundraise for Sublimated Sports Jerseys [Youth]

Creative Ways to Fundraise for Sublimated Youth Sports Jerseys


Creative Ways to Fundraise for Sublimated Youth Sports Jerseys

Running a youth sports team can quickly add up in cost once you factor in gear, field rentals, tournaments fees and that one item that can set you apart from everyone else – your very own sublimated sports jerseys. Here are five fun and creative ways to help offset the cost so that it doesn’t get transferred on to your team’s parents.



Players versus parents in a one-time, winner takes all (bragging rights) match. Set a price per ticket, or simply ask for donations, and let the players and parents alike get to selling!  Don’t forget to set up a concession stand at the big game!


Everyone loves a raffle. The cost of entry is usually low and the prizes often far outweigh said entry. Prizes can range from a pile of cash to flat screen televisions. If possible, see if a local business owner is willing to donate the prize and help get them some publicity as well. Vary the cost of entry to incentivize additional ticket purchases, i.e. $5 for one ticket but only $45 for ten. Hold the drawing at your first game or set up a whole separate event!

Partner with a local business

See if a local store or restaurant will donate a portion of an evening’s profits to the team. Go and advertise to all friends and family that you can, encouraging them to visit that business. Additionally, depending on the willingness of the business owner, see if the team can help out around the store or restaurant for an hour – nothing would make a grandparent happier than having their nine-year-old grandson refilling their iced tea!


Talent show

Organize a talent show with prizes, encouraging the players and parents to sell tickets to friends and families. This doesn’t have to be limited to your players, encourage parents to participate in the show as well. Hand out a program at the beginning with a way for audience members to vote for their favorite performance and award prizes at the end!

Car Wash

Finally – the tried and true car wash. Find a local business willing to lend you parking lot space and set up shop. Have the team spread the word ahead of time to help generate initial traffic and watch as other drivers quickly catch on. Feel free to set up a lemonade stand at the end of the wash if it’s a particularly warm day.


As you can see, there are many, many ways to help your team earn a little extra funding for their sublimated sports jerseys – and it can be more creative than selling tubs of cookie dough! Mix it up, get everyone involved and have fun. The above are designed to not only help your team earn the money they need, but also draw closer to their community.

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