How Often Should You Replace Your Team’s Custom Sports Uniforms?

How Often Should You Replace Your Team’s Custom Sports Uniforms?

How Often Should You Replace Your Team’s Custom Sports Uniforms?

Don’t underestimate the power of new, customized sports uniforms to transform your team’s look, attitude, and even their performance.

Upgrading your team’s customized uniforms has several benefits.

  • Making sure athletes look, feel, and perform better
  • Keeping players comfortable and focused
  • Boosting team morale
  • Streamlining game day prep

Look good, feel good.

Don’t let faded, frayed, and ill-fitting uniforms take away from your team’s image and performance. Some players are tougher on their uniforms than others, so upgrading your team’s uniforms every year makes sure your team has a composed, unified appearance. Empower your athletes to take the court or field knowing their uniforms show off the hard work and dedication they’ve put into their sport.

Eye-catching, vibrant uniforms are exciting for fans and players alike, and customizing new uniforms ensures your players can show up and stand out in style.

Feel better, play better.

Even the toughest uniforms will eventually show some wear and tear toward the end of a long season. Poorly fitted jerseys and itchy, fraying seams can distract your players and hinder their performance, and no one wants to deal with mid-season repairs or replacements. Help your team keep their head in the game by outfitting them with comfortable, durable fabrics that will never hold them back.

Staying on top of uniform performance helps your team stay on top of their performance. Upgrade your team’s uniforms yearly and they’ll hold up through every tough play and team huddle all season long.


Boost team spirit.


A unified team with a clear identity is going to communicate, work, and play better together. Fresh, customized uniforms allow your team to represent their team spirit with pride on and off the court or field. Replacing your team’s uniforms every year ensures that all players have uniforms of equal quality and consistent style. Show off your athletes’ team spirit and boost morale by equipping your players with customized jerseys that are as fierce and reliable as they are.



Minimize stress on game day.

Streamline the pre-game rituals and eliminate distractions with customized uniforms and
warm-up gear. Your players should spend their time before the game focused on mentally and physically preparing to perform their best, not searching for clothes to travel in or jerseys to warm up in. Upgrading your uniforms and gear like hoodies and warm-up jerseys will cut out time spent packing for away games and frantically fumbling around the locker room looking for the right attire. Looking great and feeling comfortable will minimize pregame stress and help your players stay focused on what’s important: playing their best game.

Keep your players looking, feeling, and playing their best by equipping them with new customized uniforms every year. For tips on affordably investing in new uniforms each year and reaping the benefits of customized team uniforms, check out Imperial Point’s free ebook!


Partner with Imperial Point to design your customized sports uniforms, empower your team, and boost team spirit affordably, quickly, and reliably.


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