How the Color of Custom Team Jerseys Can Help You Win Games

How the Color of Custom Team Jerseys Can Help You Win Games

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How the Color of Custom Team Jerseys Can Help You Win Games

By definition, the color theory focuses on the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Color is powerful — it influences perceptions that may not be obvious to our main senses. Marketers have touched upon the unique benefits that the color wheel can impart when it comes to conjuring marketing materials. In fact, there are recent studies analyzing the role that colors have in winning teams, with some studies indicating that color may have a measurable effect on the outcome of sports games. 

The Psychology of Color

Here are some examples of what certain colors can represent when it comes to psychology.

  • Greens – The color green supports balance, communication, and social nature.
  • Blues – Also including indigo, blue conjures calmness, honesty, peace, kindness, and emotional depth.
  • Violets – Violet colors manifest imagination and artistic qualities.
  • Reds – Red signals stamina, stability, and physical energy.
  • Oranges – This color stimulates creativity, optimism, and enthusiasm.
  • Yellows – This bright hue increases humor and signifies intellect and logic.

So, What’s the Ideal Color for Custom Team Jerseys?

Evidence has shown that red uniforms have a distinct advantage. In 2005, sports psychologists Russell Hill and Robert Barton conducted a study that examined the effect that red has had in the 2004 Olympic Games. In the study, Olympic staff randomly assigned blue or red colors to each competitor. Results found that the majority of bouts were won by competitors who wore red. Interestingly enough, both female and male athletes in red scored significantly higher in dominant posturing and aggression compared to individuals who wore the blue color.

The color red and its symbolism also have a role in the animal kingdom. It conjures the same competitive nature in humans as well. When humans exert themselves while playing a sport, for example, they typically turn red. Therefore, in nature and in life, the color red represents intimidation, arouses, and distracts.

The Benefits of Custom Team Jerseys

Custom team jerseys don’t have to include the color red; they can be designed with a combination of colors. However, when it comes to creating custom team jerseys, it’s wise to take advantage of color psychology to enhance your team’s projected strength. A combination of colors can portray dominance, unity within the team, and dedication to the sport. If you’re looking for new custom team uniforms, choosing the correct color scheme is a big part of the process.   

At Imperial Point, we help design custom uniforms for a wide variety of athletics. From basketball and soccer to baseball, football, and more, we provide high-quality custom team jerseys that will make your team look, feel, and perform like winners. If your team does not yet have established colors, you can use our custom uniform designer to build its image upon statistical winners — like the colors red or blue. A wise investment for any sports program, the affordable and comfortable custom team jerseys from Imperial Point can invoke different emotions in your competition and rally your group of athletes toward victory. To get started on your custom design, visit us online today.

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