How to Care for Men's Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

How to Care for Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

How to Care for Men’s Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

You’ve secured the perfect sublimated basketball uniforms for your team. Your team looks powerful, coordinated, and ready to win with uniforms freshly pressed and made to play. They fight a hard battle, playing defensively and never giving up until the final whistle blows. You’re exhausted, elated at the win, dripping sweat, and ready to get some much-needed rest. Before you collapse into a crumpled heap here are a few tips for making sure that basketball uniform looks just as good at the next game.



It’s important to clean your uniform right away. If the smell of a balled-up, day-old, sweaty basketball uniform doesn’t deter you, the thought of showing up to practice the next day with sweat stains should! Your sublimated basketball uniform works hard to keep you dry and cool throughout the game, so it’s important to wash it as soon as possible after wearing it.


Tips for killing those nasty odors

Your basketball uniform might smell after a game. In fact, it’s to be expected. You’re running, pushing, defending, shooting, and most of all: sweating. There are a few tips we can give you to keeping that basketball uniform smelling like it did the first time you put it on.

It might sound strange, but a little white vinegar goes a long way toward getting out those resilient smells. Just a cup of vinegar added to your (gentle!) wash cycle will knock it out without leaving your uniform with that sharp vinegar smell. In extreme cases, toss in a half cup of baking soda. You’ll thank us.


Gently washing lets you play harder, longer

Your custom sublimated basketball uniform is built to last, with moisture-wicking technology and high-quality fabrics, and gentle care goes a long way to help it last for many seasons. We suggest you wash your uniform by hand, using only mild detergents, but if in a pinch, run it on a gentle cycle. Your uniform is built to fit you perfectly, and rough washing cycles can cause the material to prematurely wear.

If you do decide to wash it in a gentle cycle, consider using a garment bag as an additional layer of protection. This will protect the material from getting caught on zippers or hooks from other clothing.


Air drying is ideal

It’s easy to get in a rush and toss your jersey in the dryer to remove wrinkles or to dry it like you would any other shirt, but the moisture-resistant technology we build into your sublimated basketball uniform works best when you allow it to air dry. If in a pinch, use a hair dryer turned to the cold setting to dry before a game!


It’s important to take proper care of your custom basketball uniform.
We hope our tips will help you get the most out of it for
many seasons to come!


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