How to Motivate Your Team of Millennials

How to Motivate Your Team of Millennials

motivate millennials

How to Motivate Your Team of Millennials

Millennials. That word has, unfortunately, become a curse within our modern day society. Let’s put the Millennial stigma to the side and look at some of the most effective ways to motivate your team from this younger generation, hungry to prove themselves.

motivate millennials

Grant Responsibility

As with any generation, but particularly with millennials, feeling needed is vital to being a part of a team.
Trust your players, grant assignments and give them the freedom to succeed or fail at their task. Whether it’s filling the water bottles before the game or calling plays mid-match, if your players know that they have your trust, they will work much harder to prove you were right in granting it to begin with.


Everyone has ideas.

Some are more outspoken than others, offering up play suggestions, while others are content to sit back and be a cog in the machine. Take time with each of your players and ask them for their feedback. You’ll be surprised who speaks up and offers a nugget of wisdom about the inner workings of the team that others might have missed.

Remember, each player brings their own unique perspective, and, unfortunately, you can’t please everyone and implement changes in response to all the feedback you receive. But you can listen and let them know why you can’t make a change, deepening their trust in you and in your program.

motivate millennials

Give Constructive Feedback

Shoot straight with your players.

They can’t improve unless they know what they’re doing wrong. Be specific when providing feedback. Simply telling someone they’re kicking a soccer ball with the wrong part of their foot is one thing, but showing them know how to do it properly is another. Don’t be afraid to remind them that you want to help them grow as a part of your team. It can be easy to internalize failure, and that applies to everyone, not just millennials.

Change It Up

Millennials are less averse to change as are older generations.

In fact, they often thrive during times of change. Take advantage of this by shifting your team’s positions, even if you don’t immediately reap rewards from doing so. Your tallest player may be used to playing center because their height might be holding them back from playing point guard. But once you give them the opportunity you could find that they indeed excel in that position. They aren’t afraid of change, so you shouldn’t be either!

motivate millennials

Equip Them With High Quality, Locally Manufactured Custom Uniforms

Millennials are more conscious of their purchases than other generations.

More than previous generations, Millennials care about where their clothes, accessories, and other products come from. With the increasing popularity of charitable companies like Toms and Out of Print, which have a buy one, give one policy in addition to manufacturing their products in the United States with sustainable processes, we’ve seen Millennials become more interested in where their clothes are made.

Here at Imperial Point, we also care about how our products are manufactured and the conditions our team members work under. So you can give your players their custom sublimated sports jerseys and confidently tell them they are supporting a local business and their custom uniforms were produced right here in the United States.

motivate millennials

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of practice, game, practice, game.

Take a practice and let your players have some much needed downtime. Team building activities are a fun and vital way to keep your team atmosphere light and fresh.  If you need some ideas, check out our post on team building activities!

While tried and true methods of motivating your team will also work with Millennials, they are a generation unlike any before them. To truly see your team succeed, you should adjust your coaching methods to capitalize on those generational differences.

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