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Why Last Names are a Great Addition to Team Uniforms

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Why Last Names are a Great Addition to Team Uniforms

Uniforms are an extremely important part of any team. They represent where you come from, what you play for, and who you are as a team member. There is no denying that a great looking uniform excites your team and motivates them to do better. When creating these awesome uniforms, people often ask themselves if last names should be included or not. Here are three reasons why last names are a great addition to team jerseys:


When you wear your last name on your back you feel a greater sense of responsibility for your actions. You are no longer just playing on behalf of your team; you are playing on behalf of yourself too. Your performance, good or bad, becomes recognizable to your name and helps form your reputation as a team player. Whether you score the winning goal or show unsportsmanlike behavior, your name is a constant reminder to always perform your best.

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Most would agree that a name on the back of a jersey is much easier to pick out and remember than a number. This is especially important for college and high school sports. Having your last name on the back of your uniform makes it much easier for scouts to notice you and approach you after the game. It also becomes easier for coaches to see individual team members and their performances during the game. For younger athletes, sports academies are becoming an increasing influence in the sports world. These academies scout athletes from other programs to try to get them to join their elite programs. This is another situation in which being distinguishable by the name on the back of one’s jersey is beneficial.



The key to any successful sports game is confidence. The game starts with a positive mindset and the rest follows. When you look down at your jersey before a huge championship game and see your last name, you cannot help but feel excitement. Having your last name on your back makes you feel more involved and reminds players to continuously try their best and improve their performance. Younger players get even more excited about having their last names on uniforms. This leads to a stronger team culture from a young age which will keep these players wanting to continue on with the sport and work harder to reaping its potential benefits.

Give your team’s sublimated sports uniforms an extra layer of personalization by adding their last name to the back!

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