Team Store Fund Raiser

The art setup for the store is based on a 2 color screen printed logo and an embroidered logo. You can send us your logo or pick from our stock templates for layout for the screen print.

For the fundraising, we factor that the organization will receive $5 dollars per product sold. If you would like to adjust the fundraising you can do so on the spreadsheet. This will raise the purchase price for the client. The only fees not factored into cost would be a $75.00 dollar setup fee for the screen print and embroidery. This is deducted from the final total when a check will be mailed out. All shipping and print costs, as well as individual packaging, is included in the MSRP pricing shown.

The only requirement is for screen printing- there must be a minimum of 15 screen printed items ordered. This can be any combination of screen printed items. For example, 5 shirts, 5 hoodies, and 5 tank tops.

When all products and art are confirmed, we will provide a URL for you to share on Facebook and on your website in which parents can go on and order their gear. The store will be open for a set ordering window that you can determine, and when the window closes, we will process all orders together. For example, if the window is two weeks long, we will collect all the orders during that time. After the two-week window, we go to fulfillment/production for all products ordered. It takes about 2-2.5 weeks for fulfillment after the store closes. All items are bagged per order, but shipped in bulk to one location. You will need to have a distribution day, but everything will be bagged by name on the order to make distribution easy! After the initial window, you can reopen the store for reorders as long as you can meet the minimum order amount during the window. Any issues with the product received must be reported within 5 days of receiving the product to receive replacements. All sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges on properly fulfilled products.

In summary, we will need the following:

  • Confirmation of products on the spreadsheet
  • Confirmation on contact and ship to location
  • Store Open and Close dates/ We will confirm a timeline for receiving the product
  • Verify pricing/ fundraising