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Safety First While Playing Sports

Safety First While Playing Sports


Playing team sports will be slightly different than it used to be in previous years.  Due to the current climate, as a community we are placing more importance on team safety than we have before. As per CDC requirements, we want to ensure that we are doing our part to follow the guidelines and keep our children and young adults safe and healthy enough to continue being able to play their favorite sport.


After waiting a whole year to play, the last thing we want to hear is that our games and practices have been cancelled for the season. As we play sports want to make sure that we are considering ourselves and others so that we can continue playing our favorite game and creating new winning memories with our teammates. In order to do so, you might want to take into consideration these general guidelines:


  • If you’re feeling a little under the weather, consider staying at home. If you feel sick, not only will you not be playing to your best abilities, you could also get your teammates sick. Missing one game/practice in order to get healthier, is better than having the entire team calling sick and having to take a loss.


  • When not playing, consider wearing a face mask. As face masks deter the spread of bacteria, we can again avoid having to cancel a game or be disqualified due to not having enough healthy players. Our custom face masks are great for those who want to match it with your team colors for a full custom uniform, or make yourself stand out from the rest of your team.


  • Consider bringing extra supplies such as hand sanitizer and tissues with you. If you are not out on the field/court, spraying hand sanitizer can help deter the spread of germs. Having tissues handy can help you not have to search for something to use and you are able to dispose of them once you’re done using them.


  • Label and don’t share your belongings. If you label your water bottle, you can always be sure you grabbed yours and not your teammates which looks just like yours. Even though as a team you are used to sharing and working together, while not playing consider not sharing to eliminate any spread of germs that can happen through sharing.


  • When possible, don’t carpool with teammates. It is understandable that this cannot always be followed. Things pop up and now you need a ride to your game or practice, or else you won’t make it. While it is not ideal to miss a game/practice, consider not carpooling when possible. As you’re in very close proximity when carpooling, it can help spread bacteria when we want to be avoiding just that. Like mentioned before, it is not the ideal situation for all but those who can avoid it, should consider it to ensure better team safety.


We all want to be back doing what we love to do, and that’s playing our favorite sports. Get out there for your first game in style with our custom volleyball, basketball, or baseball jerseys. And don’t forget to grab a custom face mask to complete your full look. As the season grows closer, make sure that you try and follow team safety guidelines so that we can keep making memories with our teammates.

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