Mixing up the Madness: Unique Ways to Pick your Sweet 16

Mixing up the Madness: Unique Ways to Pick your Favorites from the Sweet 16

NCAA Sweet 16 Bracket Feature

Mixing up the Madness: Unique Ways to Pick your Favorites from the Sweet 16

According to NCAA.com, the probability of picking a perfect Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament averages 1 in 1.85 million.

Correctly guessing the final 16 teams is so rare, in fact, that Warren Buffet offered $1 million dollars per year for life if any of his employees achieved the unlikely feat.

For the 2017 NCAA Tournament, 18 entries were lucky enough to claim a perfect Sweet 16. Unless you own one of those 18 brackets from a field of more than 18 million, it’s time to rethink things. Sure, your “real” bracket was demolished by early exits from Villanova, Duke, FSU, and Virginia, but why not have some fun with a new bracket for the remaining teams? Check out our fresh, fun ways to crown a champ from the Sweet 16!

NCAA Sweet 16 Bracket

Coin Toss

Let’s be honest. If our picks were any better than a completely random flip of a coin, we wouldn’t be looking for a second chance. After South Carolina upset Duke to reach the Sweet 16, it’s clear that a coin toss might be our best route moving forward. In each matchup, set the lower seed to “Heads” and the higher seed to “Tails”. Let’s try it for March 23’s games!

3 Oregon vs. 7 Michigan- Result: TAILS, Michigan wins
1 Gonzaga vs. 4 West Virginia- Result: TAILS, West Virginia wins
1 Kansas vs. 4 Purdue- Result: TAILS, Purdue wins
2 Arizona vs. 11 Xavier- Result: HEADS, Arizona Wins

Mascot Battle Royale

Ducks, Gators, Bears, oh my! Forget basketball! Which mascot would take the crown in a one-on-one brawl? Imagining a battle between a Bruin and Wildcat is more interesting than going by “the numbers.” Some research may be required- Can a Wolverine top a Boilermaker? Let’s just be thankful the Gaels and Catamounts were eliminated early!

Travel Destinations

Are you a fan of the picturesque landscapes near Eugene, Oregon, or the hustle and bustle of city life in Los Angeles? Maybe you prefer white winters in Ann Arbor, Michigan or warm summers in Gainesville, Florida? Leave the Sweet 16 matches up to location. Everybody has their favorites, so why not let your travel preferences decide the outcome?

Roster Names

Going through the names of players on each Sweet 16 team can be tedious- but picking your favorite names is a great, if not completely random way of selecting your winner. Against all odds, Trevon Blueitt of Xavier hasn’t lost the lead for his team yet. And how can we pick against Michigan’s Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman?

At this point in the tournament that is March Madness, we are all looking for a restart button on our dismantled brackets. Put a fresh spin on the home stretch with a unique way of guessing the winners of the Sweet 16. Have your own way we didn’t mention? Let us know, or share your picks with us!

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