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Team Building Activities for Your Football Team

Team Building Activities for Your Football Team

Prioritizing team building on and off the field is vital for your team’s morale and performance. Boost your football players’ problem-solving skills, trust, and communication skills with these team building activities.


Silent Categories

Give your team a set of criteria to line up by. These can be:

  • Birthdays from earliest to latest
  • Smallest families to biggest families
  • Number of pets
  • Last digit of their phone number

This is a fun activity that allows the whole team to get involved as they work together to solve the puzzle, but here’s the catch: they need to do it without talking to one another.  Problem-solving through non-verbal communication will help your players learn to recognize the importance of their body language, flex their critical thinking skills, and require them to slow down, think, and pay attention to one another in order to be successful. These skills will help your players be more confident in the classroom, on the field, and even in their one-on-one communication with their peers.

Make an obstacle course.

This can be as simple or complex as you’d like, but it’s particularly fun when you set it up on the field and give your players plenty of room to move and ground to cover. Here’s the team-building twist: the players navigating the course will be blindfolded. Split your team into multiple groups and have one player from each group navigate the course while the others verbally guide him or her through the course. Rotate until each player has navigated the course at least once. This is a good team building exercise for getting your team members to communicate with one another and trust one another. The goal is clearer, faster, and more effective communication between team members.

Get off the field and out of the gym.

Don’t underestimate the power of a movie night, a team volunteer day, or a team dinner to encourage team bonding. In order for your team to trust each other and develop stronger communication and teamwork skills, they need to have authentic relationships on and off of the field. Plus, seeing their head coach in a more laid back setting simply enjoying time with one another is great for your team’s morale.

Spend some time helping your players build more personal relationships with one another over a pizza dinner or a laid-back game night. Include some icebreaker activities to help get the conversation rolling the right way. Here are a few suggestions:

Team member bingo

Give each player a sheet of paper with a bingo board on it. This board will include fun, random facts about people, work, school, families, etc. Items like “Has brown eyes,” “works in retail,” “has at least 4 siblings,” and “favorite subject in school is Art,” are all fair game. Make your own boards or find suggestions online.

DIY Conversation Cards

Use index cards to make a stack of conversation questions to place in the center of the table. Have your players take turns drawing a card, answering the question, and make sure everyone around the table gets a chance to share. This activity can work well when you’re all around one large table, circled up in the living room, or even split up at multiple tables in a restaurant.

For more team building activities you can do anywhere, check out: 8 Indoor Team Building Activities Your Youth Will Love

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