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Team Building for Teens: 3 Rainy Day Activities

Team Building for Teens: 3 Rainy Day Activities

Whether you’re planning a sports camp, a field day or your routine outdoor practice gets derailed by rainy weather, it’s vital to have a backup plan for your teenaged athletes. Rainy plans offer a great opportunity to focus on team building games and activities other than your standard practice drills and physical conditioning. The following team building activities will help your teens flex their problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

The Human Knot

This one might be best attempted with a group of teenagers who are already fairly comfortable with one another since it requires everyone to get up close and personal, but it can also be a fun icebreaker. Have all participants stand in a circle with their hands in the middle. Have everyone close their eyes and take the hand of someone across or diagonally from where they’re standing in the circle. Now, the challenge is to untangle the knot without breaking their grip on one another. Once they’re back in a circle and untangled, they’ve figured out the human knot. This activity helps your teens practice patience, problem-solving, and clear communication.

Blindfolded Obstacle Courses

Use pool noodles, nets, hula hoops, jump ropes, and whatever else you can find to create an obstacle course for your team to navigate. Split your group into partners or small teams for this activity. Have one person from each team line up on one side of the room and the rest of the team on the opposite side. The person navigating the obstacle course should be blindfolded prior to starting the course. The goal is for the members of each team to guide the blindfolded member safely through the obstacle course. The goal is for your teens to practice communication and learn to work together with trust and respect for one another.

Indoor Capture the Flag

Almost like tag with a twist (or several), Capture the Flag requires each team to strategize, work together, communicate clearly, and pay attention to one another if they want to be the winning team. The great thing about Capture the Flag is that you can adapt it to pretty much any environment. Set up a playing field in an open gym or even across an entire building if you have access to one.

Pro-tip: Have your teams work together to set up the game before play. Use tape, cones, jump ropes, and other materials to set up the playing field, holding pens, and “towers” (wherever the flag is being guarded). This cuts down on some of your setup time and helps everyone get a clearer understanding of the boundaries and rules before gameplay begins!

Losing a day of outdoor play due to bad weather doesn’t have to be a loss! For more indoor-friendly ideas, see: 8 Indoor Team Building Activities Your Youths Will Love.

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