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The Benefits of Sublimated Sports Uniforms

The Benefits of Sublimated Sports Uniforms

Why Choose Custom Sublimated Uniforms

For years, screen-printed jerseys were the norm, but not anymore. So, what’s so special about custom sublimated uniforms? We’re here to answer!

If you’ve ever had to deal with cracked, faded, or peeling jerseys, it’s time to give sublimation a try. This process results in high-quality prints with superior quality and durability. Not to mention, a big boost of confidence for your sports team.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a process that uses heat and pressure to create high-definition designs. The print gets married to the fabric and gives much better results than screen printing.
We start by printing your design to a sublimation dye paper, sized to match the uniform. Then a high-heat roller system presses the dye straight into the fibers of the fabric. This gives you rich color and detailed designs.
Since the design isn’t sitting on top of the fabric but embedded, it won’t crack, peel or fade. This is a major benefit of sublimation over screen printing for you and your team.

The Benefits of Custom Sublimated Uniforms

  • DURABILITY. No one likes the feeling of a worn-out jersey that’s peeling and faded after only a few games. Sublimated sports uniforms are long-lasting. Your team will look as great at the end of the season as they did during your first game.
  • BUILD YOUR TEAM’S CONFIDENCE. Uniforms build confidence and give your players a sense of belonging. Make sure your team has uniforms they can be proud of!
  • SAVE MONEY. How much does your team spend each year replacing uniforms that couldn’t stand up to the wear and tear of the game? Choose high-quality, custom, sublimated uniforms from the start. This eliminates the cost and hassle of ordering new uniforms mid-season. Not to mention, your uniforms will look better!
We combine sublimation, quality fabrics, and amazing designs. The Imperial Point is your choice for custom sports uniforms. Our custom sublimated uniforms are made in the USA and built to last!

Custom Sports Uniforms

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