These Baseball Drills Will Take Your Team to the Next Level

These Baseball Drills Will Take Your Team to the Next Level

These Baseball Drills Will Take Your Team to the Next Level

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. While practice will undoubtedly make your team good, efficient practice will make it even better. Not all baseball drills are created equal, which is why we’ve combined a few of the best in one place to help take your baseball team to the next level.

Past Ball

Set up a pair of pylons about ten feet apart and let your player know they must stay between them. A coach (or another player) will then try and throw ground balls to the player between the pylons, trying to get the ball past them.

The goal is for the player to learn solid footwork and square up in front of the ball, learning to keep their entire body in front of it. Fundamentals are key to baseball, and squaring up is about as fundamental as you can get.

Alligator Arms

Similar to how alligators eat, clamping down on a ground ball is key to securing it. Have your player stand about twenty feet in front of you and throw ground balls to them. Instruct them to use both hands when securing the ball, ensuring it doesn’t bounce right out of their gloves.

Stress the importance of staying focused on the ball until it is secured. It’s easy to let your attention lapse and focus on where you’re going to be throwing the ball, but carving out space where a player can simply focus on securing the ball will make the action more automatic when it matters.


This can be done in a number of ways, and from a number of points on the diamond. Setting up a relay is one of the best baseball drills you can do, and at all age levels. The simplest way to do this is with three players, one in the outfield, one on the edge of the infield, and the catcher. Pop a ball toward the outfielder and have them throw to the next player – the player standing at the infield line. The infielder then throws to the catcher, who pretends to tag a runner.

This can easily be altered to have your second base player throw to first, who then throws to the catcher. The combinations are endless. The key, however, is knowing how to gauge the distance, reacting quickly, and for the infielder to catch, pivot, and throw (harder than it sounds). Realistically there is a limit to how far a player can throw, so understanding a relay system, and executing it without thought, will work infinitely better than the outfielder trying to wing it home.

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