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Tips for Coaching High School Wrestling

Tips for Coaching High School Wrestling

Training a high school wrestling team is no small task. Help your high school wrestlers reach their peak physical and mental performance on and off the mat with these training tips:

Physical Training

Physical conditioning and growth needs to happen on and off the mat. While wrestlers need to train for very specific moves, don’t fall into the trap of solely focusing on strength training. To reap the benefits of physical training, incorporate the following into your training regimen:

  • Agility training: Boost your wrestlers’ footwork skills and balance by focusing on their agility. Quick, confident movements on the mat will make it harder for their opponents to successfully pin your wrestlers.
  • Cardiovascular training: Wrestling is a high-intensity sport that requires intense bursts of sustained energy. To build endurance, focus on cardio training that simulates the cardiovascular exertion wrestlers experience during a match with high-intensity-interval-training (HIITS).
  • Flexibility training: Static and dynamic stretching will shorten wrestlers’ recovery time and prevent overuse injuries and torn muscles.

Cardio, agility, and flexibility training are vital for your athletes’ growth and recovery. Incorporating plenty of variety into their training will prevent injuries and help you build
well-rounded young athletes.

Mental & Emotional Support

What’s happening in your wrestlers’ heads is just as important as their physical condition. No matter how many hours they’ve put in on the mat and in the gym, if they aren’t mentally prepared, their performance will suffer. Help your wrestlers master their mental performance through:


Make sure your team knows they can approach you with questions and concerns and that you’re prepared to address them clearly.


Yes, winning is the goal, but losses are excellent opportunities for your athletes to analyze what they could have done differently in a particular match and apply that to future training drills and matches.


Meditation can help banish pre-match nerves, keep athletes focused, and even help them push through a tough training session when incorporated into their workouts. Effective meditation techniques vary between individual athletes, but common methods include:

  • Visualizing success
  • Breathing exercises
  • Listening to calming music

Daily Decisions

Teach your team how basic decisions they make everyday can affect their performance during practice and matches. Focus on:


Wrestlers have to pay particular attention to their body weight during the season. Help them lose or gain weight safely by incorporating lessons about what foods to avoid and what foods to enjoy to maintain a balanced diet and healthy metabolism.


Getting an adequate amount of sleep is vital for your team’s recovery and performance. Lack of proper rest can lead to poor decision making skills, hindered academic performance, and physical and mental exhaustion. Ideally, teenagers should get around 9 hours of sleep each night. Useful tips include:

  • Turning off all screens at least an hour before bedtime
  • Avoiding all sources of caffeine after 2:00 pm.
  • Not eating less than an hour before bed.

Incorporating some of these tips will help your athletes feel and perform their best. Reward their hard work with durable, comfortable wrestling singlets that perform as well as your athletes. Partner with Imperial Point today to design your team’s perfect singlets and fight shorts.


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