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Tips for Starting a Successful Youth Football Team

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Tips for Starting a Successful Youth Football Team

A youth football team can provide many benefits to both players and their families; it can help enrich their community, teach discipline, form lasting friendships, and inspire a youth’s active lifestyle. However, starting a youth football team doesn’t happen overnight. While there are national organizations that can support new teams, a viable youth football team has many moving parts to consider. From creating an organizational structure, reaching out to affiliates, and filing out the required paperwork, there are many official factors that you need to be cognizant of when planning a youth football team.

However, to generate buzz that will inspire your community to rally behind your goal of developing a youth football team, you’ll need to complete the following steps.

Establish Your Team’s Message

Decide what your message is going to be about. If you’re going to coach a youth football team, you will need to have a unifying philosophy or message. This way potential players will not only be aware of your vision but they will also be able to connect with the values of the team. By being transparent about what your team stands for, it will be easier to recruit players and support from the community. Once underway, everyone from the players to the coaching staff needs to be on board with the team philosophy in order to be successful.

Connect With Parents

An important step in starting a youth football team that most coaches neglect is communicating with the players’ parents. Parents need and want to be informed of your plans for the season, and they are willing to support the team as long as they understand exactly what you are trying to achieve. After all, the best coaches tend to have a great relationship with parents.

Communicate With the Community

During the formation of your youth football team, be sure to keep the lines of communication open to all interested parties. The best way to achieve this is by taking advantage of the digital age. Establish social media accounts for your team that will spread the word while attracting the attention and interest of parents, players, and official members of the community. Create a website and regularly update it to ensure that parents and youth in your football team stay abreast of the latest happenings. You can also grab a booth at the next local festival to generate buzz for your new team. Furthermore, you could start collecting email addresses to create a newsletter that will allow interested parents to keep up with pertinent information.

Once you’ve begun to recruit interest from players and their parents, you can make a successful impact by reaching out to them personally. For example, you’ll build camaraderie and rapport with players and parents by hosting a community luncheon or BBQ to introduce yourself and your mission to the community. Explain the team’s philosophy and beneficial qualities, and you’ll win over parents by encouraging them to play a part in their child’s athletic development.

Recruit Player Interest

Because the governing bodies of intramural team sports have rules for the minimum and maximum number of participants, you’ll need to fill a specific number of spots on your team’s roster. Therefore, it’s important to get out there and actively pursue recruits. Once you have a ballpark number for the size of your team, reach out to local schools that may not have an active football team of their own. Ask if you can hold an assembly to introduce yourself and invite interested students to try out for your team. By partnering with coaches and administrators in the area, you may even be able to utilize their facilities and fields to hold practices and games.

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To really get potential players excited for your upcoming team, design an attractive logo that captures your team’s spirit. If you don’t yet know what your logo, team name, or mascot will be, create an online contest that invites the community to vote on your team’s brand. Once you’ve got a winning team name, combine it with a dazzling design and bring it to your next assembly or community meeting. Nothing will do more to get potential players excited or generate buzz-worthy word of mouth than holding up a stylish custom youth football jersey emblazoned with a fresh team logo.

Custom jerseys tie the whole team experience together. They can serve as a recruiting tool, put a spotlight on the team’s philosophy, and make everyone within eyesight realize what your team is all about. Not only that, but custom jerseys will also help teams to establish unity and form a unified front. Instead of just settling for uninspired, plain-colored shirts, purchase custom jerseys for your team. Every player will look more official, which will help boost their confidence and performance. When your team members wear their custom-made jerseys, they will feel more connected to the team. Wearing a piece of apparel that represents a whole team and not just themselves as individuals can make them act accordingly, too — helping reinforce your established team morals, philosophy, and spirit.

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