Uniform Spotlight: NC State Wolfpack Reveals New Uniforms for 2018

Uniform Spotlight: NC State Wolfpack Reveals New Uniforms for 2018

Uniform Spotlight: NC State Wolfpack Reveals New Uniforms for 2018

NC State football dropped a sneak peak of their new threads for the 2018 football season via Twitter in June. The team tweeted a hype video, complete with the hashtags #1Pack3Stripes, #TeamAdidas, and #1Pack1Goal. Here’s a closer look at what’s new for 2018, what’s staying the same, and what’s likely to come in 2019.

NCSU’s New 2018 Football Uniforms

Revealed in State’s vibrant red and stark white, the Pack’s helmets will continue to show off their beloved mascot, “Tuffy” the wolf, on the side.








The Wolfpack’s 2018 jerseys feature bold, contrasting stripes around the collar, three on each side to represent the Pack’s $3.65M annual contract with Adidas. The team’s home and away uniforms will remain some combination of red and white. The team revealed solid red uniforms, a white-pant and red-jersey combination, as well as a red-pant and white-jersey combination.


The more traditional block “S” logo has been replaced by a headshot of Tuffy, who is now featured on the right hip of each uniform combination. “Wolfpack” is also featured down the side of the pant leg in contrasting all caps, replacing the stripes of past seasons.

What’s up with the font?

The jerseys won’t sport NC State’s athletics department’s new font until the 2019 season. The Wolfpack was too far along in the design process when the new font was approved and introduced. If you’re a basketball fan, stay tuned to see new font represented on NCSU’s basketball jerseys this upcoming 2018 season.

What are fans saying?

Even without a fresh font, there are still plenty of changes to love (or hate) about the Wolfpack’s new threads. The changes have been polarizing for fans, with some criticizing the move toward mascot-focused branding, and others who like seeing more of Tuffy on the field.

Fans who aren’t wild about NC State’s new uniforms don’t need to get too worked up. State’s contract with Adidas is in effect until 2022, and as part of their deal with the uniform and sportswear manufacturer, the Wolfpack will reveal new jerseys every season. So, if you’re not a fan of the new look, hang tight to see what North Carolina State University’s football team steps out in next season.

Black Howl


With matte black helmets, black jerseys, black pants, and even black cleats, the team’s alternative Black Howl uniform remains similar to 2017’s alternative uniforms, but now feature 3 white stripes with red outlining around the collar of the jerseys.

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