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Uniform Spotlight: New York Jets Re-brand

Uniform Spotlight: New York Jets Re-brand

Calling all Jets fans! Did you hear the news? The New York Jets have unveiled new uniforms for the first time in 20 years! Sporting “Gotham Green, Spotlight White, and Stealth Black” helmets and jerseys, the 2019 Jets will begin the season with a brand-new look to match their completely rebuilt team. The future sure does look bright if you are a Jets fan, and what better way to show your support than by donning one of this season’s new jerseys.

Out with the Old

Let’s be honest, the Jets have struggled their past few NFL campaigns. When something old stops working, it’s time to switch gears and create something new and exciting—something that will hopefully be the start of a promising future. The Jets’ jersey change certainly signals their intent to turn the corner and be competitive again. Before this season, the Jets have re-branded themselves three times in the past 60 years with custom football jerseys:

  1. The first rebrand occurred in 1963 when the New York Titans, whose original colors were navy and gold, were bought and rebranded as the New York Jets with the new team colors green and white.
  2. The second rebranding took place in 1978. The Jets uniforms were completely redone and modernized to sport their bold all green look.
  3. Twenty years later in 1998, the third rebranding took place. This time, the Jets paid tribute to their origins by reinstituting the green and white colors with more updated custom jerseys.

In with the New

To go along with their updated colors like “Gotham Green” and “Stealth Black,” the Jets have also redesigned their logo. Fans remember the old logo – the one with the big “NY JETS” lettering and football inside the dark green background. The new logo design is a bolder and brighter take on the old. “NEW YORK” is completely spelled out with “JETS” written underneath, displaying a slightly bigger football on a much more colorful green backdrop.

Should the Jets Have Changed Their Look?

The new Jets jerseys may not be drastically different than before, but the change is enough to spark controversy among fans. Some find the new jerseys to be too generic and boring, while others think that they look sleeker and more modernized. The fact is that there will always be some resistance to change, especially if that change is of something near and dear to fans. But, a winning season for the Jets would surely make the rebrand a success and help fans warm up to the new look.

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