Uniform Spotlight: Seattle Seahawks Color Rush Uniforms

Uniform Spotlight: Seattle Seahawks Color Rush Uniforms

Uniform Spotlight: Seattle Seahawks Color Rush Uniforms

Lights! Camera! Action Green! Today, we’re highlighting the Seattle Seahawks color rush uniforms (no pun intended!). While this bold look has seen mixed reactions from fans and rivals alike, it’s a vibrant diversion from typical football fashion, making it easily one of the best color rush jerseys in the game!

Analysis: The Look in Action

Perhaps one of the most drastic departures in the color rush series, the Seahawks’ style shows what happens when you take your accent color off the bench and make it your star player.


The standard jersey is a tasteful blend of navy and silver, with the bright “action green” reserved for outlining the lettering, accenting the chevron pattern along the collar, and emphasizing the Nike logo on the shoulders. Overall, the color serves for symmetry and detailing. It also appears elsewhere on the uniform on the gloves and along the sides of the pants.


The Seahawks color rush uniforms, which have been in play for the past couple of seasons, playfully flip these elements. Here, the accents are mostly navy, most notably the collar chevrons, the shoulders, and the lettering, while the green is fully on display.



Fan response


While the color rush series is no stranger to criticism, the Seahawks color rush uniforms have inspired more reaction than most, with labels such as “highlighter, Mountain Dew, the Incredible Hulk,” and others.

The look is definitely a more noticeable transition compared with other teams such as the Steelers. Interestingly enough, while this color palette may be less common in football uniforms, it’s a popular choice for soccer, cycling, or even tennis.

Still, if you’re doing a color rush jersey, you might as well focus on the color, right? Go big or go home. Writing for NBC, Peter Hailey ranked the Seahawks color rush uniforms as one of the best of the series, saying the team pulls off “arguably the most aggressive Color Rush uni created.” He also took a playful jab at the haters: “While you’re busy being wrong, the Seahawks will be busy looking fresh.”



How did Color Rush uniforms start?

The color rush uniforms began as a collaboration between Nike and the NFL, creating an alternate series of uniforms based on the classic “color vs color” games that date back to pre WWII.

The uniforms are usually seen in Thursday night football games, but may be swapped out any time a team’s uniforms are too similar to their opponents. Overall, the series has been a fun way to play with fan-favorite styles and reimagine classic color palettes in new, exciting ways.

Feeling inspired?


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