Uniform Spotlight: Tennessee Titans - The Imperial Point

Uniform Spotlight: Tennessee Titans

Uniform Spotlight: Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans revealed their new uniforms to their fans earlier this month in downtown Nashville. A first for Nike, the new jerseys feature two-toned coloring to form the silver tip of the Titans’ sword on the shoulders. To complement the silver point of the sword on the new jerseys, the Titans’ pants have diagonally angled silver stripes on the side panels, which represent the Titans’ sword sheath.



Even more exciting than the new jerseys for some fans, the Titans’ helmets got a fresh wash of color and are now a stark metallic navy blue. The “T” logo is still featured on both sides of the helmets, but they now don a single two-toned silver stripe down the center, another nod to the sword in the Titans’ logo.

To honor their home state, the new uniforms have a bold, chiseled font to emphasize the “Titans” text across the center of the players’ chests. The jerseys also feature three red stars across the rear collars, an ode to the Tennessee state flag.


Although the Titans’ uniforms have received a design overhaul, the color scheme will remain the same. When they’re not showing off the new navy threads at home games, you’ll see the Titans hit the field in baby blue alternate uniforms and white away uniforms.




The Titans are kicking off their 20th season with uniforms worthy of their fierce Titans mascot and Tennessee heritage.



What do you think about the Tennessee Titans’ new uniforms? What’s your favorite between the home, alternate, and away jerseys? Let us know below!


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