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What are Sublimation Jerseys?

Sublimation Jerseys

What are Sublimation Jerseys?

Sports are a huge part of American culture. Many Americans, at one point or another, have owned an athletic jersey. Children light up when they put on their first jersey, feeling like they are part of the team. While there are tons of jerseys on the market, people often don’t consider how these custom uniforms are made. There are many ways of producing sports apparel, but sublimation printing stands out as the best method for high-quality, custom jerseys.

The Process of Sublimation Printing

You may have seen traditional screen-printing. These processes often use a vinyl material that is transferred onto the fabric. This is an easy and affordable solution, but it doesn’t offer the longevity that may be needed to hold up to the abuse that occurs when wearing athletic apparel. This is especially true for the players, who are continuously pushing themselves to their physical limits. Sublimation solves this problem. Using high heat, the color dye is married to the fabric using a sublimation press. This vaporizes the dye and transfers the design into the actual fibers of the fabric, instead of only being applied to the surface of the material.

The steps of sublimation are as follows:

  • The uniform is designed digitally on a computer and printed onto a special type of sublimation paper.
  • The sublimation printer is preheated to reach an optimal temperature to vaporize the dye.
  • The printed design is placed face down onto the uniform material
  • A final check is performed to make sure everything is properly aligned and the design is secured using thermal tape or adhesive to keep it from slipping out of place.
  • The heated press is firmly applied to the uniform and held in place until the dye has worked itself into the fabric.
  • The press is then lifted and the fabric is allowed to cool, leaving a vivid, crisp image on the uniform.

Experienced sublimation uniform makers use this technique for the most price and vivid results with short turnaround times.

Sublimation Printing Experts

Imperial Point specializes in using sublimation techniques to produce high-quality jerseys and apparel for football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, and wrestling teams. Our top priority is making sure your team looks and feels great, ready to perform their best. If you have any questions or want to place an order, contact Imperial Point today at 1-800-801-4884

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