What Are the Best Helmets for Your Youth Football Team?

What Are the Best Helmets for Your Youth Football Team?

What Are the Best Helmets for Your Youth Football Team?

Football may have come a long way from its leatherhead days, but concussions and other head injuries should still be a top concern for coaches, parents, and players. Luckily, helmet technology is better than ever with innovations in padding, air-inflated pockets, and overall shock absorption.

When it comes to the best helmet for your youth football team, three manufacturers stand above the rest: Xenith, Schutt Sports, and Riddell. Today, we’ll compare the features of each.

Xenith X2 Youth Custom and X2e

X2 Custom Youth Features:

  • Superior protection from both rotational and linear impact
  • Antimicrobial
  • Comes with chinstrap

X2e Youth Features:

  • “Shock Bonnet” system offers optimal comfort and protection
  • Comes with a facemask
  • Keeps you cool during games

Both Xenith helmets provide excellent ventilation and are extremely lightweight.

Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard V Helmet and Youth Vengeance DCT Hybrid Helmet

The Schutt Air Standard is one of the most comfortable options for youth football–and one of the most secure. This helmet comes with jaw pads and has a face mask option, making it a valuable contender.

The Vengeance model also provides a comfortable interior and works well for both low and high impact. While it does not come with a facemask, it does come with a chinstrap and jaw pads.

The Air Standard is a more affordable option. However, both helmets come in various youth sizes, making them a great purchase for your whole team.

Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Football Helmet

Last on our list, the Riddell Speed Flex adapts the same technology of its popular adult Speed series, making it one of the best helmets for youth players.

The SpeedFlex features an “Energy Management” interior, keeping padding in place no matter the impact. It comes with a chinstrap, which is easy to adjust with the innovative “Ratchet-Loc” system.

Beyond the Uniform

Each of these youth football helmets comply with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) and feature some of the most innovative technology available today. While no football helmet can fully prevent the possibility of concussion, matching the proper helmet with other prevention methods will help keep your youth team safe each season.

You can expect to pay around $250 – $300 per helmet, but it’s a small price to pay for the
long-term benefits.

At Imperial Point, we’re here to help keep you on budget when it comes to all your uniform essentials. Ask us about how we can help your team fundraise!


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