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What is Sublimation Printing?

What is Sublimation Printing?

Every person in America, at some point in their life, has probably owned an athletic jersey. Sports are ingrained into American culture, and every little kid loves getting their first jersey and feeling like a part of a team. Though there are millions of jerseys out there, most people don’t think too much about how custom uniforms are made. Of the many different kinds of sports apparel producing techniques, sublimation printing is the best method for high-quality custom jerseys.

The Sublimation Printing Process

When you think of traditional printing, you probably envision a design being pressed or stamped onto a fabric using force alone. But, sublimation adds high heat to the equation in order to produce better results. When color dye is exposed to high heat from a special type of sublimation press, it turns from a solid to a gas. This property of dye allows printers to transfer the design into the very fibers of the fabric, rather than simply onto the surface of the material. It works in the following way:

  • The uniform design is created digitally on a computer and printed out on a special kind of paper for sublimation.
  • The sublimation printer is preheated in order to reach the maximum temperature at which the dye will vaporize.
  • The color design is placed face down on top of the blank uniform material on the sublimation printer.
  • One last check is made to ensure that everything is lined up properly and ready to go, and the design might be secured using thermal tape or an adhesive so it doesn’t slip out of place.
  • The heated sublimation press is applied firmly to the uniform and color design and held in place for a period of time to ensure that the dye works its way into the fabric.
  • When the press is lifted up, the fabric cools down and the color settles into the material, leaving a crisp, vibrant image on the uniform.

For those with experience in sublimation printing, this technique allows for the most precise, vivid results and quick turnaround.

Sublimation Printing Experts

At Imperial Point, we specialize in using sublimation techniques to produce high-quality jerseys and apparel for football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, and wrestling teams. Our number one priority is making sure your team looks and feels game ready! If you have any questions about sublimation printing or want to place an order for your team, contact Imperial Point today at 1-800-801-4884

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