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Why Are Custom Team Jerseys So Important?

Why Are Custom Team Jerseys So Important?

When you hear purple and gold, what do you think of? The Los Angeles Lakers. How about pinstripes? The New York Yankees. What about the silver helmets with a navy star? The Dallas Cowboys, of course. These teams have a storied history as some of the greatest sports franchises in our country and are recognizable world-wide. No small part of their popularity and recognizably is their distinctive uniforms. In fact, their jerseys have become such a part of their team’s identity that it is impossible to separate the two. What would the Celtics be without their distinctive green jerseys, or the Steelers without the black and gold?

Jerseys are not only important for professional sports teams, but for teams at every level. Every team needs a concrete symbol, a manifestation of their identity as a group. Since jerseys play this role for teams, it’s important that they are distinctive, attractive, and personalized. Though it is plain to see that generic, stock jerseys aren’t going to get anyone excited about a team, it’s not immediately obvious what a difference custom uniforms can make. Let’s dig a little deeper into why custom team jerseys are so important.

Making Every Individual Feel Valued

Personalizing the design of your team’s jerseys is an ideal way to forge a strong team identity. A great place to start is by drawing inspiration from your team name. Your jersey design can bring this team name into reality. Take the Los Angeles Rams as an example, with the iconic ram horns painted onto their helmets. Or, you could go the classic route of putting the team mascot on the jersey, either right on the front or in a crest.

There is no bad choice when you are custom-designing a uniform with your team. That’s the great part about it – everyone gets to have their own personal input on the final product, just as everyone plays a role on the team. When the players all put on their new custom jerseys for the first time, they will all feel a strong sense of team identity.

Bringing the Team Together

Having a strong team is often more important for success than having exceptional individuals. It is said that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If a team wants to win together, they’ll need to feel together. Athletic ability is only a part of the necessary ingredients for a team to be successful. No matter how athletically inclined each individual is, they must be able to work together to overcome their opponents.

Custom Sublimated Volleyball Jerseys

Custom jerseys can help get the team unifying process started early. Though it will also take an effort from each one of the players to buy into sacrificing for the team, that is a whole lot easier to do when there is a real team spirit. When your team feels proud to wear their custom jerseys, they will be quicker to devote themselves to doing their role for the team.

Raising Awareness for Your Team

How many times have you seen a blue and white football team? How about a team called the Wildcats? It seems like the vast majority of sports teams are all choosing from the same 5 color palettes and team names when designing their jerseys. This unfortunately has the effect of making the team invisible, unremarkable, and unmemorable. Nobody is going to be drawn to watch your team play unless they already know something about them.

Custom jerseys can attract a lot of attention for your team or club. Some people might even be influenced to join your team from your distinctive jerseys alone, but certainly many will at least be curious to learn more. Though popularity doesn’t directly give you more points in the game, it certainly doesn’t hurt you by attracting top talent and raising your team’s profile.

Establishing a Team Legacy

Every team has to start somewhere. The Yankees didn’t become popular overnight as soon as they donned the pinstripes for the first time. But, once they found team success over the years, their jerseys became an inextricable part of their history. Now, young baseball players dream about one day putting on the storied pinstripes to become apart of Yankee history. Though this is an example from professional sports, the same can happen for any team at any level.

It all starts with a distinctive, eye-catching custom jersey. Your players will embrace the team, be proud to put on the uniform, and give their all to achieve success. As more and more people see your team play and succeed, you start developing a reputation for success. At this point, your unique jersey becomes a symbol for elite performance at your level in your sport. The jerseys become a part of your history, and that tradition can be passed from player to player as each one puts on the uniform over the years.

Custom Team Jerseys the Players Will Appreciate

When you want to make every player feel valued, bring your team together, raise awareness for your team, and begin establishing your team’s legacy, custom jerseys are the only way to go. At Imperial Point, we want every team to feel empowered and look unique, which is why we provide quality custom uniforms that visually pop and perform at a high level.

The secret to creating exceptional custom jerseys is in the printing technique. Sublimation allows us to produce colorful jerseys that don’t fade, peel, or crack with use. When you need jerseys to last all season, there’s no other choice than sublimated uniforms.

You don’t have to break the bank to provide players with premium, sublimated jerseys that look and feel like a victory. Our affordable and incomparable jerseys can make any team step their game up with a range of fonts, colors, patterns, and materials. If you’re ready to let your players stand out with custom team jerseys, you can start designing a custom uniform online!

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