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5 Tips to Motivate Your Team To Work Together

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5 Tips to Motivate Your Team To Work Together

It can be a struggle when each new year brings you an entirely new team. Of course, you will have some familiar faces on the team from the year before, but there will always be new players you have to motivate.

In any large group, cliques will form, but it’s best if you can create an environment at your team practices for all the players to connect and develop a relationship.  This allows you to create a truly motivated and bonded team. And we know that a bonded team that truly works together will obliterate their competition every time!

Set goals together. Allow your players to contribute to the development of team goals. Instead of just telling them what they are working on, let them come up with goals as a team. This creates a bond between them as they are all working toward a common goal they all can stand behind.

work together

Establish your own expectations of the team as a whole. While your team will bond over common goals they create together, it’s also important to communicate your own expectations of them. This keeps all of your players on the same page and they know how you expect them to interact on the field or the court. You also create a common ground between a group of players with different attitudes, behaviors, and perspectives.

Create an environment for open communication. Your players should feel comfortable addressing any issues or concerns with other team members and their feelings about one another or their performance. Preventing any anger or resentment from festering will help your team maintain a closeness and trust that makes it easy to work together out on the field.

Take the time to learn where each player on your team truly excels. And even have your players define what they believe are their own strengths and weaknesses. A team of completely different individuals only thrives when the players are used where they are most efficient and effective. Knowing where your players thrive and where they do not, and also making that information known, helps every player work better as a unit.

work together

Establish team roles for clarity. Whether you coach a college sports team or a youth sports team, it’s important to have defined roles within your team. This provides your players with clarity and helps each player see how their contribution helps the whole team achieve their goals. It also prevents conflicts between players.

It’s important to take the time once a month or once every couple of months to review each player’s individual role in the team and even individual goals that will help the whole team succeed.

What are your best ideas for creating a bond between players and motivate them to work together harmoniously?

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